Empower charging capacity

Chargers are used more efficiently at their maximum capacity

Sharing Energy accross the Grid

Universal Central Supervision Software for all Energy Sources

Promote renewable energy

Solar, Wind Energy must be stored on premise and firstly proposed to the user

Digitalisation of Energy: A Vision Becoming Today A Reality

Our Application is compatible with all Chargers brands OCPP1.6J compliant


Access Control via RFID, Mobile APP, QR Code. Enabled for direct Payments with third Party. Remotely operate thousands of stations in the same dashboard. Fully Scalable in the Cloud.


Realtime calculation of the power limitation according to static and dynamic limits. Load balancing with the local and National Grid. Handles other assets such as Battery storages, Photovoltaics en EMS for Buildings.


Operate CPOs with any Interoperability platform Gireve or Hubject, handles millions of RFID cards, Charge Data Records and Autocharge Ready.


Realtime notifications to endusers, operators, administrators by e-mail or mobile Push notifications about charger issues and infrastructure problems.

Our Labs for Electronics quality testing and OCPP Webservice compliancy Checks

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