The Application Presentation

How our application is working ?

- The ChargeAngels Application is running over the cloud. The communication between the backend and chargers is the Global Rest Webservice OCPP.
- It is also possible to collect other king of asserts by integrating proprietary webservices from vendor such as photovoltaics or Energy Management Systems.
- The OCPP Open Charge Point Protocol (ISO 15118 ): Defines the way to charge from the EV to the CSO (Charging Station Operator).
- The OSCP Open Smart Charging Protocol: Connection from CSO to DSO (Distribution System Operator) i.e. Smart City and Grid providers.
- The version OCPP 2.0 will be the basis for the new IEC 63110 standard "Protocol for Management of Electric Vehicles charging and discharging infrastructures“.

How about Security ?

- We have 3 ways to identify Users: By RFID Badge Authentication, Using a mobile phone, by exchanging Certificates between Cars and Providers.
- The OCPP, as of version 2.0 which is currently being specified within the OCA, will incorporate the messages to transmit ISO 15118 related paramerters.
- Those messages are for example needed to transmit SalesTariff data, X.509 certificates and cryptographic key material.
- Plug&Charge via ISO 15118 thus enables secure authentication and authorization of a charging process by plugin in the charging cable: Plug&Charge.

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