Our Solution

Universal and Interoperable Supervision Solution for Electric Vehicles

Core Value

- Divide by 10 the number of needed charging spots and total TCO.
- Handle and Organize Electric Vehicle car fleet Charging.
- Handle energy sharing across time, priority and available resources.
- Assist Electric Vehicle Users to find a free charging spot and charge their car.
- Assist Car fleet administrator for cost calculation and maintenance.
- Educates the users for best practices by displaying statistics.

See the live demo at SAP Labs France HERE*

Dashboard V1.6.2 - Opensource Licence(MIT)

- Dashboard: Real time status, availability, instantaneous delivered power.
- User view: history, charging curve, total spent energy, time and price.
- User Administration: manage users for access, roles, password and personal data.
- Charger Administration: Setup remotely all the parameters ex: max delivered power.
- Debug Administration: Intuitive log management and debug information.
- Statistics: User Statistics per charger and time, Usage statistics per charger and time.
- User Notifications: Start and End of Charge, Total Consumption.
- Administrator Notifications: Non authorized access, new user accounts, Errors
- Security: Role management (Admin, User, Corporate, Demo), HTTPS, Reverse-proxy.
- Protocol: International OCPP 1.5 et 1.6 compatible. OCPP2.0 on going.
- The application is Responsive (desktop and mobile).
- The application handles multi-site, on premises or on the cloud.

Next Versions will handle:
- Booking of Chargers on the Fly.
- Charging spots Splitting into independent dashboard name-spaces.
- Global Supervision of the Grid: Chargers, Buildings and Solar Panels.
- User Profiling and and Smart resources sharing (machine learning).
- Predictive demand of Energy (Big Data).

Hardware Compatibility:
- Schneider EVLink 22kW AC
- ABB 50kW Superchargers
- Mennekes 22kW AC
- Keba KeContact P30 22kW AC
- EVBox

- Application deployment on promises or in the Cloud.
- IT operations on Central Server.
- Charger Setup and commissioning.
- New Custom developments.
- Support.

Prerequisites for our software deployment: chargers should be Internet connected for cloud solution, or on the local network with an Internet connected central server for on-premises solution.
Charger physical connexion: RJ45 or Fiber, wireless: 3G or Wifi (Zigbee, bluetooth, LoRa ou Sygfox not recommended regarding performances).